Email Hosting and Support

Email is important to organizations. That is a fact. In today's business environment, it is the primary tool used to communicate within and organization as well as with your customers, partners and vendors.
Today others have seen this open communication as a way to capitalize with Spam, Viruses, Malware and other devices designed to disrupt or encourage you to spend money on services in the advertisements.
Our goal at Harmonic Mix is to just make this work. We hide all the complexities of this environment and use tools that are flexible and solid. We make sure that email can be accessed over the web, from Microsoft Outlook, through iPhone's, iPad's or Android phones. Our end users just want email to work day in and day out and be able to access there email anywhere.
To accommodate this, Harmonic Mix offers two options for email services.
Google Email and Google Docs
Google Email is more than email, but it is also a great business platform. As a partner with Google, Harmonic Mix is experienced in implementing Google tools for your organization. We can also help you understand how Google can be more than just email and help you to work on any device from anywhere.
Hosted Email
For clients who want a simplified email environment which still provides them access from the multitude of devices and platforms, Harmonic Mix has a hosted platform that can help serve your needs. As a partner with VMWare and using Zimbra, a platform with flexible email, calendaring and groupware features, we can deliver a reliable platform for your organization.
To successfully aid organizations in migrating/transitioning email services from one provider to another, we have created a multiple step process to help keep everyone informed about the transition. Our goal is to minimize service disruptions and ensure that all email services continue to operate as expected. Below are the steps to this transition.

  1. Review and discuss the email transition plan. Identify all accounts to be created.
  2. Send out the “Email Change Announcement”
  3. Create accounts and send out “Email Account Notification and Testing”
  4. Schedule cutover and send “Email Cutover Date Announcement - Customer instructions”
  5. Complete cutover and send “Email Cutover Complete”
  6. Assist with final issues created after the change. Mobile and desktop remote assistance provided.